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Dr Kevin Vince Fernando, PhD
President & CEO

Kevin may be best described as a continuous learner, senior business leader, author, educator and entrepreneur. He started SOE in 2007 as a means to share his knowledge and help organizations improve and expand his perspectives and insights as a global leader. He brings with him more than 20 years of industrial experience and is still full time engaged in industry.

He holds four Doctoral degrees majoring in Business Administration, Strategy and HRM, four Master’s degrees majoring in Operations & Quality Management, Professional Accounting, Management & Strategic HRM and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. He also holds various professional qualifications and certification in areas covering Marketing, Finance, Quality and IT. He is a senior member with various professional bodies in Asia, USA, Australia and UK.

Kevin is the author of seven books, a regular speaker at regional conferences, published multiple articles in various industry and professional journals. He does part time training and consulting work for various organizations globally. His primary differentiation comes from his ability to effectively blend theoretical concepts of management into practical tools that lend themselves to effective implementation within organization.